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The research that Vertify carries out is comprehensive and can be divided into:

  • Admission research for crop protection products (GEP)
  • Demonstration research (for fertilizers, warm water treatments, green manure and crop protection products, among other things)
  • Fertilization research
  • Use value research

Vertify has expertise in research in virus control, Botrytis control, bulb disinfection, Rhizoctonia control, insect control, weed control and nematodes. Artificial infection or insects can be applied to pass certain trials.

Breeding trials

In addition to flower bulb research, Vertify is commissioned by nurseries, exporters and breeders to flower bulb plants for testing and show purposes. Below you will find more information about Vertify's different breeding trial activities.

Show breeding

Many of the flowers on display at bulb flower shows such as the CNB Bloem- en Relatiedagen in Lisse, Flower bulb Vakdagen Flevoland in Creil, the Vaktentoonstelling and the Lentetuin in Breezand have been breeded at Vertify. Vertify also provides entries for Keukenhof and advertising shows abroad. Vertify is also used by nurseries, exporters, institutions and media magazines who want to use blooming bulb flowers for photo sessions, showrooms and stands at trade fairs.

Tulip Breeding days

Twice a season Vertify organizes a market breeding show. Tulips are breeded as usual in practice. This allows interested parties to assess the properties of new varieties at an early stage when growing in water and potting soil. The first market breeding show is during the Day of the Tulip at the end of January. During this day, current research topics about tulip breeding will be shared through workshops and presentations. The second market breeding show is during the Trade Fair in February. This is in combination with a flower show and workshops and presentations.

Breeding research

Vertify has a modern greenhouse complex where breeding research can take place. Vertify explores the breeding properties of cultivars to eventually include them in Cultivar Online. It is also possible to send in cultivars (under both name and number) that we can grow for you for various breeding shows.

If you have further questions, you can contact Peter Schilder.