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Vertify conducts applied research in outdoor vegetables, greenhouse horticulture, arable farming, flower bulbs, and fruit. This research is a means of testing newly developed innovations and introducing them in the sector. The activities can be divided into three parts: research, innovation projects, and demos and knowledge transfer.

In early 2018, Vertify joined the European network of independent research institutions called ‘Rhizome’. This European network offers the possibility to conduct experimental trials (GEP and GLP) in all Member States of the European Union. Rhizome formulates trial designs for product authorization and for the research and development phase. All members have ten to thirty years of experience in trial research.



Vertify is a market leader in applied research specializing in plant health and cultivation systems. The company has a unique position in the plant health network of manufacturers of plant protection products, growers, suppliers to growers, retail, and government.

Vertify conducts research projects into all kinds of product and process innovations for its client groups.

Vertify is entitled to conduct independent research activities relating to the authorization of crop protection products. The company has GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), GEP (Good Experimental Practice), and TNG (Application of non-authorized plant protection products) certifications to conduct such research. Vertify is also one of the few knowledge institutions to have an ISO certification. An ISO standard sets out requirements that an organization must meet if it wishes to obtain an ISO certification. To meet the standard’s requirements, the organization must critically evaluate its existing management system and, if necessary, adjust existing processes and procedures accordingly.

Innovation Projects

A major part of Vertify’s work is supporting applications for project grants and supervising these projects. Many innovations have already been implemented thanks to grants and synergies with growers. Vertify focuses on the MIT Scheme, POP3 grant, Interreg grant, and European Fund for Regional Development (ERDF) grant, as well as others.

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Once product and process innovations have been developed, the next step is introducing them to the sector. That’s why Vertify facilitates demos of innovations to growers for its customers. The research results are presented at various open days throughout the year. Julianadorp, Zevenhuizen, Dirkshorn, Naaldwijk, Wieringerwerf, Zwaagdijk, and other locations host our open days and trade fairs, which are targeted at every sector Vertify is active in.

Demo trials for crop protection, fertilization, and variety demos are carried out on commission throughout the Netherlands alongside trials at our own locations. These demo trials are used to show both growers and the business community the latest developments in plant protection, fertilization, and the newest varieties.