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world horti center

Vertify is the co-initiator of the World Horti Center and the connecting link between industry, education and research, promoting and advancing Dutch horticulture and related technology both in the Netherlands and worldwide. It carries out practical work on the processes, techniques and technologies, and resources needed for tomorrow’s nurseries, and Vertify puts stakeholders in the sector into contact with each other.

With more than one hundred innovative companies from the international greenhouse horticulture sector under one roof, the World Horti Center is a hub for showcasing the companies’ products, services, and knowledge. These companies also work closely with education and government. Vertify collaborates with GreenPort Food & Flower Xperience companies on an exhibition that showcases the entire greenhouse horticulture cluster.

Knowledge Transfer

As the greenhouse horticulture sector has so much to offer, the World Horti Center organizes guided tours for business delegations. Professionals from the sector will show you the opportunities, innovations, and cross-fertilization taking place in this sector. A guided tour lasts a maximum of two hours, during which time delegates get to hear about the latest developments in horticulture. Guided tours are by appointment only – please contact the World Horti Center for more information.

As a co-initiator of the World Horti Center, Vertify works together with various educational institutions at intermediate vocational, higher vocational and university level, over one hundred leading companies, and various research partners. A unique fusion of research, demos, and education, the World Horti Center is a collaboration between Vertify, MBO Westland (a partnership of the three educational institutes: Albeda, Lentiz, and ROC Mondriaan), Greenport Food & Flower Xperience, and the Municipality of Westland. This synergy between education, government, research, and business will take horticulture to the next level – both nationally and internationally.

seed valley

In 2008, the seed companies and closely affiliated companies in North Holland set up the Seed Valley centre. This partnership focuses on image, education, and knowledge. Vertify is also part of Seed Valley, the area in North Holland between Enkhuizen and Warmenhuizen that is home to dozens of companies specialized in breeding, producing, and selling high-quality seeds and plant reproduction materials. This cluster also includes suppliers of services and machinery specific to the seed sector.

Seed Valley


The mission behind the synergy in Seed Valley is to strengthen the cluster’s economic position and anchoring in North Holland. The Seed Valley Foundation achieves this by investing in its image, skilled workers, and innovation and knowledge sharing. The companies are united in their vision for the future and want to profile Seed Valley as a sustainable, dynamic, high-quality, and innovative industry – a fascinating sector to work in, playing a significant role in the economy, and nestled in an attractive living environment.

As a knowledge partner of Seed Valley, Vertify facilitates research, open days, and meetings. Conducting germination trials, use value research, and disease and crop protection research are part of our daily work. In addition, Vertify sets up demo fields for a number of seed companies each year. For more information, please visit

Led by the motto ‘opinions are cheap, facts are valuable’, Seed Valley has compiled an updated economic fact sheet about the business cluster to provide a concise, global picture of trends in figures, such as turnover and staff numbers.

greenport nhn

As a dynamic and powerful representative of northern North Holland’s agri businesses, GreenPort Noord-Holland Noord aims for a structural connection of knowledge, experience, and ambition. Vertify is a partner of GreenPort NHN. The organizations’ shared goal is to optimally utilize the strengths of businesses and entrepreneurs, government, education, and the environment – this is the key to the future. It can involve coordinating the initiatives in groups of businesses, ensuring more effective and efficient synergies (including with other regions) and operating on the basis of shared objectives.

Greenport logo staand-01


GreenPort NHN is one of the most versatile agricultural regions in the Netherlands, with a production value of about 3 to 3.5 billion euros. This translates into 15,000 to 20,000 jobs in the primary agricultural sectors. GreenPort NHN is one of the six Greenports in the Netherlands. Various strong sectors are present in northern North Holland, including arable farming, fisheries, bulb growing, animal husbandry, fruit growing, greenhouse horticulture, field vegetable production, and seed breeding.