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Vertify has a vast expertise in performing trials. Over the years, we have conducted a huge range of trials in various crops and would be glad to help you with practically any type of research.

Crop Protection Research

Vertify is a specialist in performing crop protection research. Thanks to our GEP and TNG certifications, Vertify is qualified to perform trials relating to authorizations for crop protection products. In addition to authorization trials, Vertify trials plant protection strategies for various customers. A controllable infection with plant pathogens is an essential part of plant protection research. Vertify can use its knowledge of artificial infection methods to infect plants with fungi, insects, and mites. With our Belgian GEP authorization, we can also perform authorization trials in Belgium.

Residue analysis

Thanks to its GLP certification, Vertify is qualified to conduct residue studies. Vertify has extensive experience in researching residue data of plant protection products on a variety of crops.


Fertilizer suppliers have gratefully used Vertify’s services for years. Research into the influence of fertilization on the yield and quality of the product are major research questions, and the practical application of the fertilizer is just as essential. Of course, fertilizer analyses are performed at a location or on a soil type as specified by the client.

Given the developments in fertilizers, there is an increasing demand for research into tailored fertilizers. By using adapted equipment, it is possible to perform research with both granular and liquid fertilizers. You can also contact us for research into sowing distances, sowing and planting methods, and even research into soil preparation methods for sowing and planting crops.

Variety Research

Vertify can also help you to research the practical value of varieties. In a use-value research, Vertify compares aspects such as plants disease susceptibility, yield, and shelf-life between varieties. For flowers, we offer the possibility to test vase life in our flowering facility.

Cultivation Technology

Cultivation technology and techniques have formed a major part of Vertify’s research for years. If you’re looking to develop and implement innovations and sustainable ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Important examples of Vertify’s research into cultivation technology and techniques includes growing plants on water and under LED lighting.

Infection Protocols

Artificial infection is often used to demonstrate the effects of crop protection products. Vertify has developed many protocols over the years and is still adapting them or developing new ones.

To remain as flexible as possible, Vertify has many types of fungi in stock on plants or in petri dishes. We also keep a large number of inspect species and breed them as soon as a trial starts.

Trial service

By using special field trial equipment that is perfectly aligned with real-life conditions, we can construct and maintain demo trials and platforms throughout the Netherlands. This includes sowing, applying products, and harvesting. We can also restrict ourselves to product application or harvest only.

Seed Support

Vertify performs various activities for the seed industry. We maintain close contacts with several seed companies and play an important role within Seed Valley. Below is a list of the activities Vertify performs for the seed industry.

  • Germination trials: this research mainly consists of assessing the germination of seed batches, seed coatings, and plant protection agents applied to seeds.
  • Installation and maintenance of demo fields: we install and maintain demo fields throughout the Netherlands for open days and other promotional activities. Vertify’s services are also used to support the installation and maintenance of demo fields.
  • Germination test: checking seed batches for germinating power and germination energy to determine seed quality.
  • Usable plant test: assessing the growing plants from a seed batch for uniformity and plant quality, in order to determine the usability of the seed.
  • Tetrazolium test: a quick test to determine the germination of a seed batch within a few days. This rapid test is less accurate than a germination test and is intended to provide a general impression of a seed batch’s quality as quickly as possible.
  • Seed moisture testing: Testing seed moisture by determining the difference in weight before and after seed drying. Seed moisture is an important factor in seed shelf life.
  • Seed purity test: determining the composition of the seed, subdivided into pure seeds, other types of seeds, and other material. To meet the growing need of the seed industry, Vertify offers independent and professional laboratory research.