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The horticulture sector is rapidly changing. Innovation in cultivation systems, technology, sales, energy and the use of labour are essential.

Vertify has the most modern facilities and techniques in the most important horticulture areas in the Netherlands, namely Westland, Grootslag and Agriport A7. You can contact Vertify for research in both vegetables and floriculture under glass.




Cursus Hydroponics

In high-tech horticulture all kinds of innovations are occurring in the development of cultivation systems. The market for vegetables and…


Results Customer Satisfactory Research

As part of his Business Administration and Agribusiness education, Roald Slagter completed his graduation assignment writing the business plan, with a customer satisfaction survey at Vertify as an important part.
The business plan offers many starting points to respond strategically. Important themes to focus on for Vertify in the near future are green resources, system approach, innovative cultivation systems and digital farming.

Seed meets Technology ready to start

The event will take place this year from Tuesday, September 28 to Thursday, September 30, subject to granting the permit currently submitted to the municipality.

Let’s introduce

Recently Jasper Schermer was welcomed as Junior Project Leader at Vertify. He likes to introduce himself:

Contact persons

Would you like to know more about our research in indoor crops? Please contact one of our specialists.

5 Matthijs Blind

Matthijs Blind

+31 6 3081 5811

7 Jasper Schermer

Jasper Schermer

+31 6 8121 7269

8 Jeroen Sanders

Jeroen Sanders

+31 6 2274 1975

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