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24 June 2021

At our trial location in Wieringerwerf, we work with a number of alternative ways of catching and locating insects. The focus is mainly on thrips and onion flies. These insects are detected by, among other things, a camera and are attacked with coloured LED lamps that are powered by a solar panel. In one system, the insects are electrocuted and collected in a container below. In another system, they approach the light and are collected in a container of water.

We have now found onion flies and thrips in all systems. The onion fly caused damage in the onion trial, a white stick was placed next to the onions with damage.

With regard to the thrips and the life cycle of the thrips, it is important to monitor the crops closely in the coming weeks.

Fig. 1 Onions near the white sticks have damage from the onion fly

deel proef witte stokjes

Fig. 2 Part of the test including white sticks

signaleren insecten

Fig. 3 Identifying insects


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