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8 July 2021

That the seed world is ready for physical events again is apparent from the registrations for Seed meets Technology 2021; more than 45 companies have already registered. 20% of the participating parties come from abroad.

The event will take place this year from Tuesday 28 to Thursday 30 September, provided the permit submitted to the municipality is granted. Construction of the demo fields for Sakata and Takii started in May. Both parties are showing their new varieties in dozens of crops. In addition to these parties, Gautier Semences (lettuce on water) and Wing Seed (cabbage) are also present on the demo field.

This year, the organization will organize three symposia, with the topics 'sensors', 'biostimulants' and 'green seed disinfection'. The symposium on sensors will discuss how sensors can help to reduce nitrogen and water use in various crops. The biostimulant symposium focuses on the legislation and regulations surrounding biostimulants and the results of the Interreg project Bio4safe. Over the past four years, studies have been set up in England, Belgium, France and the Netherlands in vegetable, fruit and floricultural crops to investigate the effect of biostimulants. The results will be explained in the meeting.

The symposium on green seed disinfection focuses on the 'Groen op Zaad' project, a collaboration between 18 parties (both industry associations and manufacturers and seed companies) who are jointly looking for alternatives for reducing chemistry in seed disinfection.

Register now

Interested parties who want to visit the event can register via At the moment it is not yet clear what the requirements are with regard to testing and/or vaccination proof.

For questions and more information, please contact

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