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Project period 2019 till 2022

The Dutch tulip sector is a leader in the world and is at the forefront when it comes to sustainability and technological developments. They would like to maintain this position by continuing research towards tulips that have been cultivated in a sustainable (low-emission) manner and that are also of excellent quality - free of diseases and free of residues. Currently, chemicals are still often used (preventively). The flower bulb sector - just like other sectors - is confronted with stricter requirements from buyers, increasing laws and regulations and an increasingly limited range of resources to tackle the increasing disease and virus problems.


The market is increasingly emphasizing sustainable cultivation. This sustainability is still a major challenge for the sector. The intended result of this project is to deliver promising systems and / or strategies for sustainable tulip cultivation, which leads to a reduced dependence on chemical crop protection products. The project is characterized by collectivity through participation from the entire flower bulb sector and suppliers.


Important parts of the project are the control of Botrytis tulipae ("fire") and Fusarium oxysporum ("acid") and the role of the entire cultivation system in the production of tulips (fertilization, green manure, crop protection, etc.) is also examined. The virus problem has been placed in a different program.

More information?

For more information, you can contact Michel Jansen, Program Manager The Green Tulip.

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