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Projectperiod 2020 till 2022

In 2020 the project Towards a sustainable cabbage cultivation-2 has started. This project focuses on sustainable management of cabbage moth and thrips in headed cabbage and Brussels sprouts. For the control of cabbage moth, we are focusing this year on knowledge development and on effectiveness tests of remedies against cabbage moth.

In the project we try to gain insight into the wintering possibilities of the cabbage moth in the Netherlands by:

  1. Monitor the cabbage moth at risk locations in places where the cabbage moth is expected to overwinter.
  2. The DNA of the cabbage moth in the Netherlands can be compared with the DNA of other European countries. With corresponding DNA from the cabbage moth from Southern Europe, the chances are very high that the cabbage moth will be supplied from the south by means of wind migration.

With the knowledge of the origin of the first cabbage moths per cultivation year in the Netherlands, we can better implement the control of cabbage moth with the help of confusion pheromone.


Knowledge development tests for thrips focus on determining when thrips fly in and when damage occurs. This gave us more insight into the right start time for taking corrective measures. In addition, we also focus the research on making better use of natural enemies in the control of thrips.

More information

For more information you can contact Isabel Conijn, Project Leader Outdoor Vegetables.

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