Increase in organic substance content for improved soil quality

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Project period 1 june 2018 till 31 december 2021

With the POP3 project “Increase organic substance content for improved soil quality”. the flower bulb growers of NLG Holland improve the quality of the soil, increase the capacity of the soil to store CO2 so that it absorbs more CO2 than it releases and reduce the use of chemicals and fertilizers. This is achieved by increasing the organic matter content of the soil and at the same time stimulating soil life.

This organic matter content is an important parameter when it comes to soil quality. Growers have seen the organic matter content in the soil fall in recent decades. This makes the soil less able to absorb CO2. Increasing the organic matter content will therefore ensure an increased CO2 absorption by the soil. This increased CO2 uptake by the soil is not only beneficial for the atmosphere, it also ensures that fewer fertilizers and chemicals need to be used. In addition, used chemical products and fertilizers leach less quickly, which benefits the quality of the surface water.

The participating partners have set themselves the goal of working for the next 3 years on increasing the organic matter content of the soil and thus capturing more CO2 in the soil. To achieve this, the partners within this project want to test a combination of measures that are proven or suspected to contribute to an increase in the organic matter content and / or the vitality of the soil and crop. The following activities will therefore be carried out;

  • Research into the use of compost and bokashi
  • Use of mixed green manures
  • Use of additional minerals and their effects on the soil and crop
  • Mapping the development of soil vitality.

To ensure that the very latest insights and the best available expertise are used, Vertify, Naturally Growth, Green Balance, Team Ecosys and Nature and Environment Federation Noord-Holland have also joined the project.

More information?

For more information, you can contact Frank Kreuk, Project Leader Flowerbulbs.


This project is financed from the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 for the Netherlands (POP 3). This program is partly funded from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).