Chain approach to reduce the environmental impact of floriculture

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Project Period 1 january 2017 - 1 july 2020

Trade and society increase the demands on the use of chemical crop protection products. LTO Glaskracht Nederland, together with chain partners MPS, Royal Flora Holland, Green Partners and Waterdrinker, has initiated a project to reduce the use of chemical products and further green the floriculture sector. Vertify conducted this research.

The aim of this chain project was to gather and exchange knowledge about the environmental impact of existing and promising new greener crop protection strategies in order to ultimately achieve environmental benefits and a more sustainable chain. A baseline measurement was started, after which various cultivation strategies aimed at greening were tested side by side. Important parameters were environmental impact, residue and emission.

This project has yielded various important insights for further greening floriculture. It has been found, among other things, that by tackling insects and / or fungus at an early stage, the number of application moments with chemical crop protection products could be reduced. Spraying with natural, green agents also showed a positive effect, although that effect and the lasting effect was limited in the thrips test, for example. Without chemical correction products, this strategy would not have enough effect to combat high insect pressure.

More information?

For more information, you can contact Jeroen Sanders, Project Leader Indoor Crops.