Proeftuin Zwaagdijk and Demokwekerij Westland become Vertify

4 January 2021

As of January 1, 2021, Proeftuin Zwaagdijk and Demokwekerij Westland will continue under the new name Vertify.

Due to a changing market and ongoing internationalization, we have chosen to grow further with a fresh and modern name with an international character. In the new name you will read the word vert which refers to "green" and refers to our contribution to a further greening of the sector. And you read the word verify which refers to our aim to test and verify the research questions that are presented to us, but also to explain and interpret them.

VERTIFY logo green rgb Vfinal01 HR

We Explore, we explain

The name change has prompted a new company logo, a new look, a new pay-off and the launch of a brand new website: With the changed design and structure, you will find extensive information about our services, activities and the latest news within a few clicks. So take a quick look!

With our new core motto Explor & Xplain, we emphasize our aim not only to observe the results of our research but also to interpret outcomes. With our background and roots in research and knowledge transfer, we want to help the sector grow a greener future.

What will change for you?

Vertify remains the trial station for all your research questions. Our name changes, our ambition is great, but everything remains the same in our contact with you. Visit our website for the correct contact details of your contact person.

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