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26 April 2021

We will soon start a literature study on bugs in lettuce and celeriac. This knowledge of, for example, the life cycle is necessary for effective control. In the south of the Netherlands, bug in celeriac is a big problem, because now only Karate does something. In the south, bugs in lettuce can become a problem due to suction damage on or in the crop. It is expected that suction damage from bugs will also become a problem in the north of the Netherlands in the coming years. The bugs will soon be collected in practice to see which species it is/are.

In May, the ice lettuce (Nas-resistant) variety trial is planted at Pater Broersen. The newest lettuce varieties have a resistance to the green lettuce aphid, Nasonovia ribisnigri, type 0 (No:0). It is known that a type 1 also exists (NR:1). No resistance is claimed by the seed companies for this, just like for the other aphids and insects that may be present. Despite the fact that all new lettuce varieties have NAS-0 resistance, there is a discussion from the growers about the degree of sensitivity of the different varieties to NAS-1 and the other aphids and insects (caterpillars, thrips, bugs, etc.). The aphids present are collected and determined by species.

Another lettuce trial aimed at insects will soon be grown in Zwaagdijk. The plants are treated twice during propagation and planted outdoors in May. During cultivation, insecticides are no longer sprayed to check the effectiveness/durability of the treatments under glass. More is allowed under glass. With a good long-term effect, the grower can save on full-field spraying. Both chemical and non-chemical products are tested.

Sustainable cabbage cultivation II

The monitoring of diamondback moth butterflies (Plutella xylostella) will be started immediately after planting in May of the head cabbage platform in Dirkshorn and the Brussels sprout platform in Mijnsheerenland. This information is made available to the participating cabbage growers. Several tests will be conducted on both platforms aimed at combating insects and fungi. The focus of the sustainable cabbage cultivation II project is on caterpillars and thrips.

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