New: sector-wide registration of bottlenecks in crop protection flower bulb cultivation

2 november 2021

The flower bulb sector has been working for years on behalf of the Sector Platform Flower Bulbs and the Agrodis association to resolve bottlenecks in the field of crop protection by keeping an effective range of resources and measures available. At the same time, efforts have been made for a long time on sustainable alternative methods and means to be able to do crop protection with a reduced package. We do this by stimulating measures from Integrated Crop Management (such as resilient cultivation, low-risk means, other soil management, mechanical control, etc.) and from the studies and projects in the action lines of the Vision for Vital Cultivation 2030.

Since this spring, the entire chain has been working on a bottleneck analysis for the flower bulb sector. A list of all bottlenecks relevant to bulb cultivation is drawn up and maintained centrally. A sector-wide working group classifies each bottleneck according to its relevance to the sector based on a number of criteria. The consequences and risk for the sector are considered.

For each bottleneck an expert group is put together in which various specialists from different organizations, together with growers / forcers / trading companies, draw up a strategy for short and long-term solutions. The various organizations within the flower bulb sector are working with these solutions. If useful, cooperation is also sought with related sectors. At the same time, work is also being done on lobbying other manufacturers and governments.

If you, as a grower, trading company, advisor or specialist, have experienced a bottleneck that is not yet on this list, you can pass on the bottleneck together with a possible suggestion for a solution to the relevant product group or report it to your cultivation advisor who will then will sign up. You can also directly report the bottleneck yourself using this form.

If you have any questions about the bottlenecks, please contact the KAVB Coordinator Effective Means Package Flower Bulbs (CEMP), Peter Smits via or call him on 06-30104846.

Thank you for your contribution on behalf of the partners of the Flower Bulbs Sector Platform & the Agrodis Association, representing the interests of suppliers to the Dutch agricultural and horticultural sector.

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