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26 April 2021

The most efficient form of crop protection is that of seed treatment, in which the seed is treated or coated with a fungicide or an insecticide to prevent the seedling from being attacked by a soil fungus or insect attack after the seed has germinated. Seed treatment can therefore be crucial for a healthy start of cultivation.

At the same time, the available package of chemical seed treatment agents is rapidly shrinking, several agents have already disappeared from the market and others are under discussion. If no alternative solutions are found, some crops may come under considerable pressure and may no longer be possible in the Netherlands.

To search for effective biological agents and biostimulants for seed treatment, Vertify has taken the initiative to set up a multi-year project together with the seed industry; 'Green on Seed'.

An impressive consortium of 18 seed industry companies has been set up to address this common interest. The project is a PPP (public-private partnership), in which the individual companies and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality are investing. A large part of the seed sector is represented in the consortium and Plantum is the coordinator of the project.

After a broad, worldwide inventory of potentially interesting substances and products, Vertify will test numerous products in the coming years for growth promotion and control of diseases and pests, in order to also ensure the control of diseases and pests and healthy growth in the future. The project started April 1 and will run until the end of 2024. More communication will follow soon!

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