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8 July 2021

As part of his Business Administration and Agribusiness education, Roald Slagter completed his graduation assignment writing the business plan, with a customer satisfaction survey at Vertify as an important part.

This customer satisfaction survey was conducted on the basis of a sample of 45 key customers. They also took the opportunity to ask them about the most important developments in the market and what they expect from Vertify in this regard. This has yielded very interesting results.

The business plan offers many starting points to respond strategically. Together with the management, choices have been made about what important spearheads will be to focus on in the coming years. In addition, a plan has been made on how Vertify intends to achieve these points in concrete terms.

Important themes to focus on for Vertify in the near future are:

Green Products

Almost all customers approached in the sample indicated that the greening of the sector is an undeniable long-term trend. The use of chemical crop protection products will decrease and (green) alternatives will therefore play an increasingly prominent role in cultivation. Vertify is testing these alternatives and is committed to developing an assessment system to assess these green resources for their added value.

system approach

The systems approach is also an important development in the sector. The principle is based on improving the plant's resilience, so that less intervention is required. There are many factors that (can) influence the resilience of a plant. The soil plays a very important role, in which Vertify continues to increase its knowledge. Collaborations are sought with parties that are specialized in this field.

Innovative cultivation systems

New cultivation systems such as cultivation on water and vertical farming are gaining ground. Vertify is committed to continuing to facilitate the latest research into these systems.

Digital farming

In veel onderzoeken spelen data die gegenereerd worden door middel van verschillende sensoren een belangrijke rol. Deze rol wordt steeds prominenter in combinatie met automatisering en de ontwikkelingen in algoritmen. Vertify speelt hier actief op in middels projecten zoals bijvoorbeeld de autonome kas maar ook in de buitenteelten is digital farming een groeiend thema waar Vertify stevig op inzet.

Ook is er veel aandacht voor digitalisering/automatisering in het onderzoek zelf zoals bijvoorbeeld het automatisch tellen van insecten en beoordeling van gewassen middels camera’s met als doel het onderzoek zowel efficiënter als betrouwbaarder uit te kunnen voeren.

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