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Cultivation on water is a priority of Vertify. Supported by many years of experience in the development of chicory and tulip breeding in water, this cultivation method is intensively tested in various vegetables, herbs and ornamental crops. The most important techniques are floating cultivation (DFT: Deep Flow Technique) and cultivation on gutters (NFT: Nutrient Film Technique).


In Zwaagdijk we have 27 uncovered basins and 9 covered basins (tunnel) for research in floating cultivation. For research with floating cultivation in greenhouses, we have basins that are easy to set up and dismantle. It is therefore possible to conduct research under the most diverse conditions, varying from an uncovered cultivation to a heated and illuminated cultivation, whereby we can realize any desired length of day with the help of blackout screens.

Trials with cultivation without daylight - under LED lighting - are also possible.

We have a flexible system for research into cultivation on gutters. Both outside and in the greenhouse, we can build and commission any desired gutter system in a short time.

With regard to floating cultivation, we can use any other desired float - prototype or commercially used float, in addition to custom-made EPS ("Tempex") floats.

Parameters such as EC, pH, water temperature, composition of the nutrient solution, aeration, circulation, sprinkling, disinfection, protection against wind and water depth can be tested per basin.