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Vertify carries out a large number of demonstration trials on an annual basis on their locations in the Westland. The results of these trials are demonstrated by the client to their customers in the research department. In this way, both growers and advisors can see with their own eyes what the application possibilities are of a new product or a new strategy. The trials, mainly in the field of fertilization, crop protection and technology, are requested by both suppliers and manufacturers of crop protection and fertilizers.

Crop Protection days

Vertify annually organizes the Crop Protection Days in the Westland. During these knowledge days, the results of a large number of crop protection trials are presented to growers and advisers. The presentations are held in the greenhouse sections where the trials are carried out. This allows the results to be assessed directly by the growers and a lively substantive discussion can arise.

The trials are to a large extent requested and set up by producers of crop protection products. These companies present the results themselves, mainly focusing on the positioning and application strategies of their new products. In the spring, the crop protection days are organized for the vegetable sector and in the autumn specifically for the floriculture sector.