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Dear visitor,

Welcome to the Trade Exhibition. On 9 and 10 February, two 3D scans were made of the flower show, so that you can view the submitted tulips digitally. Below this message you can see which contributor can be seen in which show (show A and show B).

Once in the show, a pink field appears on the left of the screen. With the word "search" you can search by, for example, the name of the submitter or the number / name of the tulip. The scan will automatically point you to the right place. If you click on the ball next to the container or pot, more information about the cultivar will appear. You can zoom in and out with your mouse. If you hold down your mouse and then drag to the side, you can move the image. You can also collapse the pink field by clicking "less" at the top.

We recommend that you watch the shows on a computer or laptop. The files are too heavy to view on a mobile phone. In addition, the quality of the show may deteriorate if you use an old browser that is no longer supported, for example Internet Explorer.

We wish you a lot of viewing pleasure and we hope to see you again next year at a "physical" trade exhibition.

Show A


Buis Bloembollen

Buis Tulpen

Burger Lelies en Tulpen

Dirkmaat Creil

Double Future


Fa. P. Boon

Gebr. Boon Hem

Groot Vriend

H & M. Flowers Ens

Huijg Breezand


J.W. Reus Bloembollen

Klaver Bloembollen

Kromme Horn

Lybo Veredeling

M & M. Flowers

Maatschap Laan-Blauw


Mulder Tulips

Oijevaar Bloembollen

P. Kaagman

Pater Bloembollen



Stengs & Leijten


Vertuco veredeling


VOLD Veredeling

Vriend Flowerbulbs

Vriend Tulips

West-Friesland Tulpen

WK Fleurs

Show B

Borst Bloembollen


Van Schagen Tulips

Kwekerij Siem Munster