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There is a growing need for knowledge and information about the breeding and growth properties of the total flower bulb assortment within the flower bulb nursery, breeding and export. All information from breeding trials carried out by Vertify have been collected in a database with information about, among other things, the start date, intermediate temperature, cold requirement, greenhouse days, shelf life, morphology and details of more than 1,700 cultivars. The information is available via Cultivar Online. With this database we can quickly provide complete information per variety. To have access to this information, you must become a Vertify member. More information about this can be found below.



Would you like to use our knowledge like other colleagues and become a donor from Cultivar Online.

The membership of € 190 excluding VAT. offers you the following:

  • free entrance to the accessible parts of the Vertify building;
  • access to Cultivar Online;
  • an annual addition of the breeding properties of approximately 50 varieties from the newer range via Cultivar Online;
  • advice and information from Vertify employees.

Send an e-mail with your contact and company details to also become a member.

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