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Vertify has extensive experience in flower bulb research. You can contact us for the main crops tulip, lily and gladiolus, but also for research in daffodil, crocus, Zantedeschia, hyacinth and many other flower bulb crops.

Flowerbulbs are grown on various soil types. Vertify has various locations throughout the country, where the subjects to be explored can be chosen per soil type. For example, there are locations available for tulip trials in Zwaagdijk, the Noordoostpolder and the Noordelijk Zandgebied. For lilies we mostly use locations in the province of Drenthe. With this we try to connect as closely as possible to practice.

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Foundation ROL: Chain approach bulb treatment lily

The intended aim of the project is a chain approach to the bulb treatment of lilies, whereby the risk of virus spread and the environmental impact is reduced while maintaining quality.

Looking back on the Vaktentoonstelling 2021

The eighth edition of the Trade Exhibition took place in digital form in the Vertify company buildings in Zwaagdijk on 11 February.

‘Ready’ wint Interpolis Tulpenprijs 2021

The Interpolis Tulip Prize 2021 was won by the single-flowered yellow-red tulip “Ready”, a breeding product of growers association Remarkable. The prize was awarded during a digital event on the occasion of the Zwaagdijk Trade Exhibition.

Contact persons

Would you like to know more about our flower bulb research? Please contact our specialist Flower Bulbs.

3 Frank Kreuk

Frank Kreuk

+31 6 1029 7263

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