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Besides conducting research on diseases and pests, Vertify also conducts variety research. This research mainly explores the utility value of the various varieties in relation to each other, especially in onions, sugar beets, corn and cereals.

Due to the developments in fertilization, there is an rising demand for researching adjusted fertilizers. Because we use adapted equipment we can conduct research with granular fertilizers as well as liquid fertilizers. You can also contact us for researching sowing distances, sowing planting methods and even research into the ways of tillage for sowing / planting crops is feasible.


In addition to our own locations, trials in the field of crop protection, fertilization and variety demos are being set up throughout the Netherlands. The trials either have a clear research objective or they are demonstration trials. These demonstration trials are used to show the latest developments in crop protection, fertilization and the latest varieties.


Because we use the facilities of contracting company Sturm-Jacobs, we have an extensive machine park at our disposal with machines and equipment that are particularly suitable for research in arable farming. This benefits the quality and efficiency of our research.

Vertify has a trial field combine at its disposal that measures all important data (moisture content and weight) directly when harvesting grains and immediately stores them in the computer. It can also determine the thousand-grain weight and hectolitre weight. The trial field combine is not only used for our own research program, but we also harvest for third parties. During the harvest season, we travel throughout the Netherlands and Belgium with the trial field combine.

Vertify also has a trial field seeder at its disposal. This allows various crops (including onions, carrots, spinach) to be sown regardless of the amount of seed to be sown.