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Important themes in Vertify's research are plant health, digitization and precision techniques, cultivation systems and water quality and quantity. Vertify not only does a lot of research for clients, Vertify is increasingly initiating larger research programs itself, whether or not supported by subsidies from, for example, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

These programs involve collaboration with the business community, other institutes and scientists from various universities. Solutions are being developed consisting of building blocks such as innovative cultivation systems, green crop protection products and precision techniques with which the grower can safely secure his yield tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. After all, there is a considerable challenge, given the ambitions as described in the Dutch Future Vision for Crop Protection 2030; by 2030, agriculture will be circular and plants and cultivation systems are so robust that intervention with chemical crop protection will be significantly less necessary. In the context of a climate-neutral Europe in 2050, Frans Timmermans is adding a little extra in his Farm to Fork strategy and states that by 2030, agriculture will use 50% less chemical crop protection and 20% less fertilizers and be 25% organic.

In short, the grower will have to play the game differently in less than 10 years and will have to tackle diseases and pests partly differently than he is doing today. Exactly that is Vertify's vision; be a forerunner in the greening of agriculture and develop solutions that help growers through this transition.

Project Management

Vertify can support innovation processes by appointing a project leader or project manager who is responsible for the successful realization of a project. A project manager coordinates the project employees and manages the intended result of the project, the project management. On the other hand, a project manager can work as secretary of the project group by recording matters in writing or doing the project planning.


Governments and interest groups have budget available for innovations in agriculture and horticulture. As an intermediary, Vertify can support you in applying for grants. In addition, Vertify can supervise the grant process after approval with project management, administration and reporting.

A project idea is eligible for a grant if it fits with the priorities in the policy of the subsidy provider. The project must be an innovative development. In addition to innovation, collaboration and sustainability are conditions for eligibility for a subsidy. The innovation missions of the Top Sector Horticulture and Starting Material can be used as a guideline to determine whether your idea is worthy of grant. The missions are summarized:

  • Circular agriculture
  • Climate neutral agriculture and food production
  • Climate-proof rural and urban areas
  • Valued, healthy and safe food
  • Sustainable and safe North Sea, oceans and inland waters.
    The Netherlands is and will remain the best protected and liveable delta in the world, even after 2100

Vertify has extensive experience with innovation schemes from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). For example, the SME innovation stimulation Region and Top Sectors (MIT) with the instruments of knowledge vouchers, feasibility studies and R&D collaboration projects. In addition, ERDF subsidies or contributions from provinces, municipalities and project funds. Vertify is also involved in European projects made possible with European schemes such as INTERREG or Horizon2020.